Monday, March 05, 2007

Sewprising myself

I haven't posted in a while and I haven't been knitting in a while. I did a bit more work on the gloves, but they are back in the basket. I did make a lining for my yarn basket, right in time to neglect my yarn, apparently!

But I don't feel too bad because I have been busy sewing! I've finished my beginner class at LACC in which we made a skirt. I didn't learn all that much from it, but it was nice to do everything from scratch and be on the same page as the teacher when I went into the intermediate class!

The intermediate class allows us to bring in our own pattern and work on it with her help. I'm a little annoyed because she took myself and another girl into a beginner class so we just work while she teaches the others the beginner stuff, but obviously I feel bad to ask a question when they are learning the basics that I knew all along. This past week she was explaining basic machine operation, a class I missed when I was a beginner and I am so glad I did because I thought I was going to shoot myself listening to her explain how to thread a bobbin and I was free to do what I wanted!

So for the intermediate class, I whipped out this pattern I bought on eBay last year. I thought it looked simple, but when I opened it up, I completely freaked out and it put it away until now. I thought it would be a great project for this five week course, but alas, after getting the teacher's help just to cut the fabric, I took it all home and finished the whole thing by myself! It took a long time because I was learning how to read the pattern as I went, but I did figure it out and it did come out perfectly!

The only problem with it is that it is about an inch too big in the bust. The good thing is that I made it exactly as the pattern called for, it's just that I didn't realise I'd lost an inch in my bust. When I measured, it wasn't anything I did other than lose weight! The bad news is that in order to take it in, I have to take off the entire cuff, and zipper because the zipper is on the side. If it was in the back, I could fairly easily take it in on the sides, but because the zipper is on the side, I have to rip that out too. Drag. As much as I can't be bothered, I think I have to because it looks a gazillion times better with that inch pulled back.

I wore it to work the day after I finished it to show my friend who first got me on a machine and she was very impressed! I took it to class last Saturday and my teacher declared how proud she was. Yay!

I am currently working on the matching jacket and a Go-Go dress to go with my white Go-Go boots I bought last week. I am taking Go-Go classes next month, so it would be rad to shake it in a dress that I made!