Sunday, November 18, 2007

As usual, working without writing about it

It's been so long since I last posted, and while I haven't done a great deal, I have made some cool things.

Back in July, I made a retirement gift for a lady at work. After 38 years with the company, Shirley was retiring. I worked with Shirley closely in my two years with the company, and after taking a bit of time to get use to her ways, I ultimately had a great respect for her and wanted to make her something special, rather than just contributing to the work pool for a gift.

I got this Shirley t-shirt at a clothes swap and wore it on her last day. I was really worried she would think it was weird, but she loved it and didn't even ask how I came to own such a shirt.

I thought about the colours Shirley most often wore to work. Shirley was always very well dressed and co-ordinated, something I don't expect to be bothered with by the time I reach her age. She seems like like pinks and purples, so I decided to make her a shawl in purple. It was pretty simple, but very pretty. I used Ingenua yarn in purple and used size 15 needles.

I was going to put tassels on the end, but after consulting with my friend who also works there, it didn't seem like tassels were quite Shirley's style, so instead I wove some pink ribbon at each end to give it a nice finish.

Rockin' it as a shawl (sorry I didn't drape it symmetrically, but the photographer was getting impatient)

...and workin' it as a scarf. Also, my hair is rad in my first beehive. One of many since this one.

As for what Shirley had to say about her gift, I'm saving that for another blog...

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