Saturday, December 09, 2006

Message to my Vegan Pal

Hey there Vegan Pal,

Just wanted to let you know that if you don't here anything from me about receiving your package, it's beacause I am on vacation and wont be back until Christmas Day! So, I guess I'll pick it up on the next post office day after that. I'm looking forward to it! Just don't think I am ungrateful! I just wont see it for a while.

Thanks in advance!

I'm in Dublin right now. I went to Newgrange today, a 5200 year old neolithic monument!

Onward to Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, London and Venice!


pink.vegan said...

Thanks Simone for the great Vegan Pal parcel! I love everything, you put together a great box!!

Have fun over there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Simone, good to hear you are vacationing. I was starting to get a little worrried about your package not arriving safely, and then I decided to check your blog and read your post. Once you receive your package, please let me know if all your items arrived in one piece. Happy Holidays to you and enjoy the rest of your vacation.
Your secret vegan pal