Monday, June 04, 2007

Stuck in a pumpkin rut

Everyone who saw the pumpkin hat agreed that it was adorable and awesome. So of course, once I'm onto something tried and true, why mess with it, right? Well, before I realised it, I'd gone and made no less than FIVE pumpkin hats for babies. And their mothers and grandmothers were all so happy because it IS such a gosh darn cute hat. But alas, with so many babies being born in the last year, some of the parents were going to overlap. My friend Nicole gave birth in February and our friend and her best friend Rachel gave birth mid May. So since I knew Rachel had already seen the pumpkin hat that I made for Nicole's baby, I had to come up with something else. I had gotten to the point that when my knitting mentor asked me what I was working on, I was a little ashamed to say "Another pumpkin hat..." but all recipient mothers, be sure, it was only because I love them so!

So I tossed some ideas around and thought of going with a different fruit. I went up to San Francisco with a full ball of Blue Sky cotton in tomato colour in tow, determined to return to LA with something new! I went to Imaginknit in SF which is probably the most fruitful yarn store I've ever been to. I just love it! With the aloof and arrogant SF attitude on hand, the clerk was still helpful, all the while making me feel like my projects were stupid. Oh well. I got the yarn for the illusion scarf I have to finish by November and also I saw a tomato hat sitting in the window! I'd been scared to try any such yarn switching in my knitting (is this intarsia, of fake intarsia?), but after Desiree showed Emily, and Emily showed me that it was pretty easy, I thought I could do it. So, only by examining the one in the store, I created my own tomato hat! The switching yarns wasn't hard at all, and the result as you go is very rewarding. It looks so purrrdy. Not much else to say about it, other than that it looks delicious! I got a text message from Rachel saying that James loves his hat! The onset of the tomato rut has begun as I have already made two and am negotiating a third...

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Anonymous said...

love it! I've made a bunch of "nipple hats" for kids ... I'll email you one of the ones I made Eli.

I love all the clothes you've sewn -- and the "Small World" bag, etc. The clothes I sewed never turned out too well.

Keep on craftin'.