Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pumpkin patch

Back in July, my friend was due to give birth, so I was eager to whip something up for the baby. I found a pattern online which I used for this adorable pumpkin hat. I'm so proud of myself! I used Blue Sky Cotton yarn in what other colour, but pumpkin, of course! The stem was made with a three stitch I-cord with some green acrylic that I swiped off E. Well, she knew I was taking it, so it wasn't exactly swiping. I reduced it to two stitches and then one right at the end to get it to a nice little point.

The pattern said to purl every 8th stitch for the rib effect, but instead, I purled every 1st stitch so that when it came time to decrease, I'd just be working with the knit stitches and the purls could sit tight until the end. I think it worked out rather well!

I mailed off the hat which Marianne loved and proceeded to refer to her unborn baby as a pumpkin from then on. Soon after Tristan was born, matching booties were on the way! I learned another lesson here. As this was the first time I made a pair of anything, I hadn't thought that I needed to keep count of how many stitches I did on the first bootie! I'm kinda bad at counting on knitted rows, so one bootie is a little bigger than the other, but it's probably only a row or two different. Wont happen again!

And here's Tristan decked out in his pumpkin gear! He doesn't seem as amused as his mum and I are.


Vegan Knitting said...

My God, he's a big baby! He looks a little zoned out with all that orange! :P

~stitchmarks said...

what an adorable pumpkin baby. well done simone, you are awesome!