Thursday, October 12, 2006

I have sensitive ears

Most of that tank top was done in Australia and across the Pacific Ocean. I brought paperwork with me from the airport security website to say that my knitting needles were allowed, but I didn't even need it! I was actually a bit annoyed, I mean, with the x-ray, they should see some sharp looking pointed things in my bag. Since they were circulars, they don't even look like ordinary knitting needles, so they should have searched my bag! But no, they just sent me on my way.

Anyway, tank top aside, when I got to Melbourne I realised I had forgotten to pack a scarf, hat and ear muffs! I was SCREWED! It was so cold they day I arrived that I feared for my ears. They ache terribly with the slightest gust. Even in the summer time, if my ears are wet from a pool or something, a breeze will make them ache. So with this fear in mind, I found the nearest yarn store to my parents house and set out to make the hat I was already planning to make, just not so soon! It was a bit hard because the needle sizes are different and yarn weight is also different, but I showed the woman in the store the pattern and she helped me out.

It's supposed to be the Kitty Hat from Stitch N' Bitch, but since I did it in red, it looks more like a devil hat which is just fine with me. I had my first taste of seed stitch which I was skeptical about, but actually quite liked. It was a bit of an effort to find the correct placement for the ears/horns, but I think I did okay with it. I bought size 7 DPNs for this, but I was thinking about the size 9s I was using for the tank and thought I was going down to size 8s, when in fact I was using a bigger needle. Duh! Oh well, it looks fine. In fact, it looks great! I do have a small problem with weaving in the ends because I can see on the outside where the yarn has been pulled from the weaving! Whoops!


~stitchmarks said...

this hat rocks! how adorable are you?

Vegan Knitting said...

Oh, it looks sooooo cute!!!! Congratulations!

~stitchmarks said...

i am upset i can't get myspace today. i wanted to read your blog. it's been 7 hrs now of trying and no luck. i don't want to be creepy, but it's just that you became a regular part of my day, and now i miss you. talk atcha later. debbie