Thursday, October 12, 2006

I was seriously tanking on this project

Turns out I didn't mess up the tank top after all, at least not like I thought I had. I just misread the directions, but it turned out the finishing is more work than I thought. I was eager to do the three-needle bind off because I knew it was simple, yet so effective. I love learning a new little trick! But I was so excited to do the three-needle bind off that I had one piece facing the wrong way! I completely attached the left shoulder when I went to admire my work and saw what I had done. After an initial panic, yelp, and wondering how I was going to un-knit a three-needle bind off, I boldly unraveled the row, slipped the needles back on and then exhaled. I did it again properly and it's all going well from here on.

I bought size 9 double pointeds, but I can't find them anywhere, so I finishing this off with size 8s. I've heard tell that this can be good to prevent holes and stuff, so I'm sure it's not a problem.

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